MediationExpress is a panel of online mediators, trained to resolve your workplace disputes.

What is it?     How does it work?      Why is it needed?     Who are the mediators?

What is unique about Mediation Express?

  • Training: Experienced mediators, who have went through an additional year of training in online and workplace dispute resolution
  • Speed: Our mediators are available to resolve disputes quickly and get the workforce back to full force. Panelists are available around the world, in multiple time zones, often with evening and weekend availability.
  • Online: Equipped with multiple tools, our mediators will design the best process for resolving your dispute: video, audio, chat, document share, and assignment tasking.
  • Results: The team of mediators focuses on what deliverables will help the mediators to be most effective and quickly return to work, as well as what is best for the company.

How does MediationExpress work?

  1. Choose your mediator from our trained panelists.
  2. Schedule a 30-minute sessions with the needed employee/employers, and a final 60-minute group conversation.
  3. Watch for the invitation email from your mediator with the Zoom link. Join 5 minutes before the meeting to test the audio and video connection, and begin resolving the dispute.

Why is MediationExpress needed?

With such a diversity of personalities and values pushed into the same space for so many hours a day, conflicts with your coworkers are inevitable.

They do not, however, have to be a disaster.

With the help of a MediationExpress panelist, you can resolve not just your immediate dispute, but learn how to prevent future problems with your coworkers. This frees up managers to focus on running the company, and not be tied-up with interpersonal disputes.

Common workplace conflicts: 

  • Internal: Severance, Harassment, Discrimination Claims, Bullying, Stalking/Inappropriate Sexual Advances, Power Imbalances
  • External: Contractor/Vendor/Client Relations
  • Systemic: Reasonable Accommodations, Micromanaging Boss, Dismissing Employee Concerns,
  • Team/Group Dynamics


Workplace Panelists:

Lynn Johnson, View availability here.

Prathamesh Popat, View availability here

Lisa Derr, View availability here

Courtney Chicvak, View availability here

John Ford, View availability here

Chris LaHatte, View availability here

Brian Egan, View availability here

Mike Maday, View availability here

Kevin Raum, View availability here

Jim Kuykendall, View availability here

David Louis, View availability here

Carolena Steen, View availability here

Barbara Fenster, View availability here

Ray Roelandt, View availability here

Brian Gilroy, View availability here

Lucia Kanter St Amour, View availability here

Jamie McMillan, View availability here