MediationExpress Overview

There are typically 3 meetings (two individual and one joint) of up to 30 minute each to achieve success with MediationExpress:

  • An Online Individual Meeting with the initiating first participant (up to 30 minutes.)
  • An Online Individual Meeting with the second participant (up to 30 minutes)
  • An Online Joint Meeting with both participants (up to 30 minutes) – additional time is to be scheduled directly with your mediator

With Mediation Express, you thus first individually and confidentially meet with your mediator online. Your mediator will also then comparably meet with the other participant. These individual meetings are designed to fully understand the situation from everyone’s perspective and to discuss possible resolution options.

Following these confidential individual discussions, your mediator will, as desired, facilitate a joint online mediation meeting to seek a mutually acceptable Resolution Agreement.

As a participant at MediationExpress, you retain complete decision-making power at every point in the process. Further, the MediationExpress process is confidential, private and technically secure.

The cost for individual meetings with each participant, and then for a joint meeting with all participants, for up to 30 minutes each meeting, is only $99 per meeting.

In the event that your situation is not fully resolved in this 90 minutes of individual and joint meetings, you are encouraged to further retain your MediationExpress mediator for additional mediation assistance at the guaranteed rate of $200/hour.

Getting Started with Your Individual Mediator Meeting

  • Select a mediator or select “first available.”
  • Schedule and pay for a half-hour individual meeting ($99).
  • Receive an email confirmation from your mediator with a link to their Zoom meeting room.
  • Click the link to join your Zoom meeting 5 minutes before the meeting to make sure that your microphone and speakers work. If not, you can call in to your meeting by phone with a provided phone number.
  • Individually meet with your mediator to constructively move your situation forward.

The Mediator Meets with Second Participant

  • Assuming that you, as the initiating party, still want to move forward with mediation following your individual meeting, your identified second party is then contacted to schedule their individual meeting time with the mediator. Either you or the mediator, as you prefer, can seek to contact the second party to schedule their individual meeting.
  • The second participant and the mediator then schedule an up to 30 minute meeting for $99.
  • The second participant receives their link to the mediator’s Zoom meeting room by email.
  • The second participant and the mediator meet online for up to 30 minutes to also seek to constructively move your situation forward.

Both Participants Schedule a Joint Mediation Meeting

  • Assuming that both participants are agreeable to move forward in mediation with a joint meeting, both participants then select their next meeting time for a joint mediation meeting.
  • Both participants schedule up to 30 minutes with the mediator for a joint meeting for $99. If additional meeting time is desired, this is arranged directly with the mediator.
  • The mediator sends both parties an email with a link to their joint mediation Zoom room
  • Both participants are asked to wait in the online Zoom “waiting room” until the mediator brings both participants into the joint mediation meeting.
  • The mediator has the ability to meet with both parties jointly, or to periodically meet with each party individually, as part of a joint mediation meeting.

The Goal Is a Mutually Acceptable Resolution Agreement

  • If both participants desire to recite your Resolution Agreement in writing, your mediator will assist you to do this.
  • Once refined, any desired Resolution Agreement will, as desired, be sent to both participants as a PDF for signatures.