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What software do I need? Zoom is the most common, but we can use WebEx or GoToMeeting if you prefer.

What do I need to join the mediation? A computer with mic and speakers is best. You can also dial in with your phone or a tablet.

What if I lose power/internet/video/ etc.? That is the advantage of working online–there are so many options. If you are disconnected at any point during the process, send an email to your mediator and they will send you instructions to reconnect with a different platform or a phone call.

What if I don’t want to do a joint session or an individual session? When you book your session, you can decide what will be the most effective for your dispute. Typically the mediator meets with the first party for a half hour, then the second party for a half hour. Then altogether for another half hour or an hour. This process is flexible, however, and you can brainstorm options with your mediator.

What types of disputes can be resolved? Our mediators are trained in resolving property and workplace disputes. Landlord, commercial, HOA, rental, eviction, insurance, workplace, employer, reasonable accommodation, etc. If desired, you can Contact Us with the details of your dispute and we can recommend the panelists best suited for your concerns.

What if we don’t reach an agreement? Some cases need to reach agreement, some just need an understanding, some need an apology. You can discuss necessary outcomes with your mediator, and your mediator will support you to reach that goal. Not every case settles, but your mediator will help you to make as much progress as you can. Our mediators have a high success rate, but also understand that some cases need time in-between sessions to make progress.

Is the agreement binding? Your mediator can provide suggestions about how to enforce your agreement. Most sessions will result in an agreement which can be signed during the joint session. Each party is given a copy of the agreement, which then becomes a binding contract, enforceable in court. You are welcome to discuss specific scenarios and concerns with your mediator.

How many sessions do I need to book? An average mediation consists of two individual sessions and two joint sessions. You may book more or less time as needed for your situation. Most clients begin by booking one session, and then design a plan with their mediator for reaching agreement.

How much will this cost? Every case is different, but an average MediationExpress case is 4 sessions, at $99 each.

Do I have any guarantees? We guarantee that our mediators will treat their clients with respect and confidentiality, and will be experts in the process. We do not provide any guarantees on reaching agreement with the other party.

Are the mediators qualified? Our mediators have gone through basic training, advanced training, and online training. Our mediators also have years of experience in their specialty area of mediation.

How do I sign an agreement? Standard agreements are signed during the final joint session, and sent to you as a PDF.

Questions about mediation?

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